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ELLME'24 International Conference
Granada, 5-6 September 2024

2nd International Conference on Early Language Learning and Multilingual Education in Early Childhood (ELLME'24)

The University of Granada and ELLMEnet are proud to welcome researchers from all over the world to contribute to our 2nd International Conference on Early Language Learning and Multilingual Education in Early Childhood. Promoted by ELLMEnet, this international conference aims at analysing and discussing issues related to multilingualism, in its broadest sense, from birth until the beginning of the compulsory education stage, usually 6/7 years old, as well as the transition from this period into Primary Education (up to 8 approx.).

In an increasingly interconnected and global world, the significance of multilingualism in the very early years of a child's development cannot be overlooked. The acquisition of multiple languages during the educational stages of life not only enriches cognitive and linguistic abilities but also fosters a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. This burgeoning area of research has garnered substantial attention from scholars, educators, and policymakers alike, as the advantages of early multilingual exposure extend beyond linguistic prowess to encompass broader cognitive, socio-cultural, and educational dimensions. This 2nd ELLME Conference will serve a pivotal platform to delve into the intricate interplay between language acquisition, cognitive development, and social and family engagement.

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